Friday, September 21, 2007

THE PROTECTOR reviews are in

Two of my advance reviews have arrived, and I am so thrilled:

Sexy, sizzling—and sweet! NL Gassert manages to combine the tenderness of first love with thrilling action in The Protector. The tropical setting on Guam is fresh and beautifully evoked, and the engaging characters of Mason and Soren will keep readers turning the pages, rooting for these lovers against tropical storms and terrorist agents.—Neil Plakcy, author of Mahu and Mahu Surfer

Literary chef Gassert serves up a delectable nine-course meal of murder, mayhem, money-laundering, terrorism, temptation, brutality, bisexuality, scandal, and sadistical father-son abuse.—William Maltese, author of the Stud Draqual mystery series

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall TV schedule

I just looked through the Fall TV schedule to see what shows start when and realized there are way too many shows I am interested in this season:

Survivor: China
Criminal Minds
Dirty Sexy Money
Pushing Daisies
Friday Night Lights
Blood Ties

Good lord! Who has that much time? Of course, half those shows probably won’t make it past the first few weeks and the other half I won’t actually like once I’ve seen them, which leaves just a few trusted staples like Heroes, for example.

What was she thinking?

What are they thinking?

As you may or may not know, some property of mine was stolen in April. The rental car my brother and his fiancé had rented was broken into and most of our things disappeared.

I’m still dealing with the insurance fall out.

First, we had to realize that the vast majority of our stuff wasn’t insured. The secret engagement ring my brother had stowed in the car … gone. All their I.D.s. passports etc … gone. All my I.D.s credit cards etc … gone. Our prescription glasses … gone. We had some thirty items on our list. Most of those showed up on the excluded list when we got in touch with the insurance. Figures!

About the only things that were insured were our car keys.

After a lot of back and forth with the insurance company and the police department, the insurance company finally has the police report and list of stolen items. Now the insurance lady had the nerve to send me an e-mail to ask why there are so many items on the police report, but only 3 car keys on our claim!? Well, hello, because none of the other crap is insured! What the hell was/is she thinking?

>pulls out hair by roots<

On a side note, I think it is not right to exclude prescription glasses from the claim. I am legally required to wear glasses to drive, as are my brother and his fiancé. It says so on our driver’s licenses. This makes glasses an essential item to have in the car and as such it should be insured. The insurance company sees it as a frivolous item and excludes it. Not fair.