Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pirates in my future?

Did you follow the Somali piracy story and successful rescue of Capt. R. Phillips? I certainly did. This wasn’t the first time an incident of piracy made the news, but I wager most people don’t know how common and widespread the problem of piracy really is.

I’m not sure if the statistic is still correct, but some years ago the South China Sea was the most dangerous in terms of piracy. The BBC had some reports on this that I still have in my research folder.

Before I started working on THE STALKER, I looked at piracy as an issue for Mason and Soren to deal with. Some of my friends and readers said that the idea sounded really interesting, especially since it would prominently feature the Sprite. Good news, I haven’t given up on the idea. In fact, I think it sounds really interesting, too. I’m afraid, though, I’d have to do some serious damage to the Sprite—think fireball and explosion—and I’m not ready to do that yet. So don’t expect to come across pirates after reading THE STALKER.

Another subject matter I find immensely interesting is the white slave trafficking issue. I haven’t done any research beyond regular news watching, but I have a hunch that trafficking might play a role in one of the next books (quite possibly book 3).

I’d also like to send Mason and Soren to Sweden. To visit relatives and attend a family function, like a wedding or funeral. My friend Christiana who lives in Germany regularly visits Sweden. I’ll have to bug her for details about the land of Pippi Langstrumpf and Michel von Loenneberga (two of Astrid Lindgren’s characters) and Nils Holgersson (Selma Lagerloef’s creation). I imagine that book won’t feature explosions, but lots of great food and a number of visits to the sauna (though, the sauna’s originally from Finland).

Personally, I prefer the steam room over the sauna, but either is wonderfully relaxing.


Maddie said...

Hehe I'm from Sweden *waves*

NL Gassert said...

Hi Maddie. I have decided I love Sweden :-)

Tack själv

Maddie said...

Yea, I love Sweden, too. But maybe I'm biased :P

In Swedish, the Astrid Lindgren characters are:
Emil från Lönneberga
Pippi Långstrump

Nils Holgersson, is the other one.

What Swedish food do you like?
Oh, and my parents have a sauna in their house :)

NL Gassert said...

I never cared much about Pippi, but I loved Nils and Emil (Michel).

Food, hmm? Herring. I love herring and potato.

We used to have a sauna in my parents' house (in Germany), but here in the US people are so weird about getting naked. I don't like wearing clothes in the sauna or the steamroom.

Thanks for stopping by, Maddie. That's cool that you're "coming" all the way from Sweden. I'm going to have to e-mail you when I need Swedish phrases. Is that okay?


Maddie said...

Hehe. Nope, no clothes in the sauna :P

It's just fun when people know about Sweden when they're not from here :)
Yeah, sure feel free to e-mail me (januarymoon9 at yahoo dot com) :)

Vi hörs :)

Val said...

Excellent! I didn't know there were sequels coming up so fast for The Protector. I'm glad to hear it!