Wednesday, November 17, 2010

BOO me!!

I’m so bad about leaving the kitchen messy, the laundry unwashed and the house cluttered. Instead of writing when the baby sleeps, I find myself cleaning and straightening the house. BOO me!!

Someone please tell me, it’s ok to step over the mess on my way to the bestseller list :-)


Nigel said...

I went to a convention where Robin Hobb spoke about her writing. She was a de facto single mother, because her husband was a ship's captain and he was usually away. She used to type on kitchen paper cut to size with a knife, sometimes standing up, rocking a baby on one hip! Talk about commitment! I could have strangled her!

Here's what I've decided to do: to force myself to do 100-200 words a day NO MATTER WHAT. Sometimes, just doing that inspired me. And that's halfway towards a novel every year!

The dust can wait. Only food is essential! Oh, and doing the laundry. No one ever died saying "I wish I'd dusted more".

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The Prairie Homemaker said...

Tackle things in small bites. You can do a lot in 15 minutes.
I learned that once I did my 15 bit and got caught up, it takes 5 15s each day to keep my home nicely done.
I hope you can squirrel away a few 15s.

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