Wednesday, May 30, 2007

$9 !

In early 2006 we flew to the Big Island (a.k.a. Hawaii) and paid nearly $140 a person for our tickets. That's quite a chunk of change for a family of four.

Then the price war started. Go!airline underbid everyone else, and we flew to Kauai for only $39 a person. Recently, we flew to the Big Island again for even less, $29 a ticket. (These are one way tickets, btw. And it doesn't matter what island you fly to, the price is the same.)

Just now I heard on the radio that our price war has reached a new low: Go!, Aloha and Hawaiian now offer tickets for a measly $9. That's awesome. $9 means we could fly to Maui just to hang out on a beach for a weekend afternoon. We could fly in early in the morning, do some swimming and snorkeling, and fly back in the early evening. Heck, $9 means we could afford a (pricey, this is Maui after all) hotelroom and stay the entire weekend.


Oh, I also found a few more things I'd miss if we moved:

1. plumeria, tuberose, hibiscus and all the other flowering trees and shrubs
2. malasadas (yummy!)
3. Pizza Bob's
4. geckos

(It's semi-official, btw, that we are staying for now. Yay.)


Anonymous said...

What's a malasada? I've only been to Hawaii a couple of times and I never heard of them.

Congratulations on being able to stay for this while!

NL Gassert said...

Malasadas are fried dough and ever so yummy. They come with a regular sugar coating or cinnamon sugar. They can be plain or filled with custard or haupia (coconut). You buy them warm and eat them by the half-dozen.